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I thought I would start writing a regular blog for my customers for them to see the process of how their painting developed. I can add to this regularly and hopefully others will be interested also and can leave comments. Please also watch my Youtube video on the following.

The photos I have included here are of a Jack Russell cross collie called Megan and you can see the different stages in between the initial drawing and final painting.

painting process

Megan 5 Megan 8 Megan 11 Megan 14 Megan final


The process of painting with pastels is always the same. First I will sketch the outline, then I will put the background in, followed by working on the pet from the left to right as this avoids any smudging as I am right handed. The technique I use for pastels is different from the one I use when I paint with watercolours, because there is no need to worry about smudging with watercolours, colour is built up in layers and detail is added at the final stages, whereas with pastels the detail is added as I go along.

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