I have always enjoyed painting; I did Art A level at school (many years ago now!) and proceeded to do a Foundation Course in Art and Design at college. Following this, I decided to train as a Veterinary Nurse, but have enjoyed fine tuning the skills learnt at Art college over the years by painting pet portraits. I was a Veterinary Nurse for many years which I loved, but was forced to give this up because my asthma became worse due to an allergy to pet hair.  However,  I feel that painting animals still allows me to maintain a connection and affinity with them, and feel this is portrayed in my paintings as people always say that I have captured their pet's  personality and character in my work.

I am married to a Vet, so as you can imagine, along with our 3 children, animals are a big part of our life. We own a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Charlie, who is part of our family, his painting is pictured on the home page. I have tried over the years to have all sorts of pets including rabbits, budgies, cockatiels, cats, guinea pigs, but no matter how hard I persevere, my allergy always wins unfortunately! Perhaps next time I'll try a reptile....

I use watercolours or pastels for my portraits, and will advise which I feel would be the best media to use once I have the details of your pet. I will also take into account any preference you may have. Generally I like to use pastels if the subject is pale in colour as there is different colour pastel paper to use, rather than watercolour paper which is white. Pastels are also great to use if the photo is very good quality with lots of detail, but I prefer watercolours if there is limited detail on the photos provided.

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