If you live within 30 mile radius of Knowle, I am very happy to come and take some photos of you pet.

Alternatively, please send me 2 good quality photos:

  • Take the photos in natural light outside if possible avoiding dark shadowy areas and bright light and never point your camera directly into sunlight. Avoid using a flash as this may cause a red-eye effect.
  • Focus on your pet's eyes as the character of your pet is reflected here. Making sure that the eyes are in focus is critical to making your photo stand out.
  • Take the photo at your pet's head height: Shots from above can distort the features & look very unnatural.
  • Use treats/toys or someone behind the camera calling the pet to attract their attention so they are looking the camera when the photo is taken.
  • If you are wanting portraits of several pets it is not necessary to have them in the same photo, although it will help in getting the relative sizes of your pets if you do have a photo of them together.


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